"The Adventures of an Immortal, a War Survivor, and Other Misc. Queers"

The year is 2099. Since bombed by the Global Alliance in 2092, America's survivours are forced to gather into camps of tightly-knit civilians and ex-troops to survive - the elements, starvation, and stereotypical zombie-like creatures presumed to be the government's final blunder before its collapse.

Play from the perspective of Rig - an immortal who has a hardcore thirst for higher ranking survivour Wink. 

Will Rig ever catch Wink's eye?

Is there a secret hiding in plain sight?

Was the government truly at fault for the creatures plaguing the United States?

(First screenshot is Wink, second is Rig)

*Note: this game is a demo and I will be updating as frequently as humanly possible. Currently it is not very long but I am trying my damndest to change that. There is cursing, if I need to have a warning for that, heh. I'm also working on drawings of the rest of the main characters, but not sure how soon I'm gonna get to all of them ^.^'


Thanks for playing and feedback is really appreciated.

(5/12/18 - game published and submitted for Queerly Represent Me game jam (https://itch.io/jam/queerly-representing); Rig sketch added; Wink stetch added)

(5/13/18 - Poe sketch added, although she is not yet been implemeted into this version of the game. She's on her way, though!)

(5/28/18 - V. 1.4 uploaded, text highlighted to make reading easier)


taoaiawsaomq1.2.html 285 kB
taoaiawsaomq1.3.html 286 kB
WIG1.4.html 286 kB


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litreally drew me 2 tears my guy...

Great writing! This was the perfect coffee and adventure morning; nicely done!

Thanks so much!


This is absolutely amazing, first of all.  There are so many point that made me laugh, and I just can't.

OML thank you! This makes me feel soo happy about making the game - I'm supersuper glad you enjoyed it!!